Time of Year Again for a Back-to-School Service Check on Your Vehicle

The cooling system has to be working perfectly to keep all those moving parts inside the engine from seizing. Here are a few of the areas of concern the local service center will get eyes on when you come in for a back-to-school check-up.

The radiator needs to be in top shape to allow engine coolant to be cooled as it passes through. 

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Are You Ready to Make the Switch to A Luxury Electric Vehicle?

Have you made the decision to make the switch to an all-electric or hybrid for your new vehicle purchase? Do you still desire driving around town in a car that exudes luxury? If this is the case for you, then you should give the BMW i series a closer look.

The BMW i series includes 2 models, the i3 and the larger i8. Both models are constructed with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic that equals the strength of steel yet is only half the weight.

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Check Out the BMW 4 Series

There's a lot to love about the BMW 4 Series, but most of all, it's this car's pick up and go that has drivers looking at the luxury small car. Ranked top in its class, BMW has gone all out with the 4 Series to present new finely-tuned engines and a variety of trims. The sportiest of all has to be the 4 Series Gran Turismo, which offers twin turbo horsepower and amazing luxury inside with leather seating, GPS, xDrive, and so much more. 

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Why Are Drivers Excited Abouth This Years BMW 6 Series?

Why is the BMW 6 Series a full-size luxury car that has gotten even more attention this year? Looking at just some of the safety features, it is not hard to see what all the buzz is about.

The new BMW 6 Series has the Lane Departure Warning system working to protect the driver while on the highway. If the system detects drifting is occurring, varying degrees of vibrations are sent to the steering wheel to get the attention of the driver so they can take corrective action to get the vehicle back in between the lane lines. 

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The Power Behind the BMW 5 Series

If powerful performance is important to you, take a look at the BMW 5 Series. It's a popular luxury mid-sized sedan that's available with five different engines. Each engine offers a different level of performance, allowing you to choose a car that works for you.

The base model utilizes a light and smooth 530i engine. It provides 248 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Also available is the 530e, which is a 2.0-Liter turbo twin-power engine. The mid-level option is the 540i. 

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Explore the New BMW 3 Series in Visalia

People around the globe have acknowledged that the BMW 3 Series is among the best small car automotive lines ever created. While the 3 Series began life in the racing world, it has grown to a cultural phenomenon. The 3 Series is consistently voted one of the best small cars on the planet - and for good reason.

The 3 Series comes standard with a touring package that allows for a heightened driving experience. You are able to change the suspension on your vehicle to match your terrain - snow, gravel, rain, etc. The 3 Series also has some truly world-class safety…

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What Can the BMW 7 Series do for Your Commute?

Whether you get the base model or upgrade to one of the higher trims, the BMW 7 Series super luxury car is ranked third in its market. BMW combines German engineering and classy luxury to deliver an impressive sedan with lots of room and high-tech features. Inside, you'll get the roomy comfort and lots of options for interior colors, as well as an infotainment system.

There are several engine types ranging from a four-cylinder hybrid to V8s and V12s. At the base, the 720i delivers 320-horsepower with a six-cylinder engine. The 750i has a 4.4-liter V8 engine. 

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BMW Series 2 Features and Performance

Have you seen the latest from BMW? The 2018 lineup is refreshed and clean, and the BMW 2 Series is picking up a lot of attention for its performance. With just a four-cylinder, drivers are able to get 248 horsepower in the base model. German engineering steps it a notch for M240i, the premium sports car, which gives you 384 horsepower in such a small package.

Most drivers are talking about BMW's sleek design, both in the exterior and interior. On the outside, BMW doesn't disappoint with LED headlights, premium trim, and a nice re-design for the tail…

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What's the Difference Between RWD and FWD?

When you're in the market for a new vehicle, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether you'd prefer front or a rear-wheel drive. Purchasing a vehicle is a major decision, and we here at BMW of Visalia want to make sure you have all of the information you need so you'll be happy with your choice.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles are built for durability. They can typically withstand a reasonable amount of rough driving without suffering damage. Weight is more uniformly distributed in these vehicles resulting in more responsive handling. 

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Be Prepared With a Roadside Emergency Kit

As you’re driving in Visalia and going about daily life, you’re probably not thinking about why it’s important to have a roadside emergency kit. However, just like many things in life, you will definitely appreciate one when you do need it. Therefore, you should be prepared, just in case the unexpected happens!

Preparing your emergency roadside kit is fairly easy. Once you begin to assemble one, you will be surprised at just how many things you discover are important. However, first start with the basics and then add to your kit as you go along. The basics…

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