The BMW 6 Series is an iconic model from an iconic automaker. While the 3-series is a global superstar known for crisp handling and impressive power and the 7-series is the flagship luxury line with a smooth and powerful ride, the 6-series falls somewhere in the middle. It offers strong sports car performance, but with larger luxurious dimensions.

Even the styling straddles the line between luxury coach and full-fledged racer. The 6-series is offered primarily as a coupe with a 4-door coupe being added in the later years of it's timeline. The current 6-series, true to its tradition, balances stunning styling with large displacement to make a bold statement on the street and the track. The BMW V8 is well-suited to the long and graceful lines of the 6-series, highlighting the potential for speed. However, the electronically controlled suspension allows the 6-series to turn corners almost as well as it turns heads. The BMW 6-series is true poetry in motion made for the most refined performance enthusiasts.


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