The BMW X5 is a sports activity vehicle with a design that is top-of-the-line in looks and engineering. With four models to choose from, the BMW X5 series has everything you need for a luxury lifestyle. The limited-edition X5 Vermilion is a gorgeous SUV with bright red accents on the grills.

?The black 22” wheels will turn heads as you’re driving down the road. The engine is packed with power with a 48V hybrid technology and a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain. Enjoy the power of the V-8 engine to get you to your destination. With adaptive 2-axle air suspension, you will have ease in handling the vehicle during all types of road conditions. The gas-powered engine has great gas mileage consisting of 21 / 26 mpg (city/highway). With seating up to five passengers, the entire family will enjoy the smooth ride and technology available in the BMW X5.


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