We all know what tires are, and most of us know how important they are. However, not everybody understands how tires’ tread works, or when to replace tires.

Although mud and winter tires can be deeper, the average car’s tires come equipped with 10/32 inches of tread. That can be worn down to under 4/32 inches of tread in just a few months’ time, if not sooner. This is why replacing tires regularly can be integral to your vehicle. Around every month, stick a quarter into the tread of your four tires. If you can see George’s head, the tires are considered worn, this means it’s extending less than 4/32 inches. If you can see Abraham’s head, found on pennies, it’s less than 2/32 inches long.

Failing to do so causes your car to have less grip on roadways, decreasing handling ability. Further, it diverts less water on wet roadways, meaning it’s easier to hydroplane on wet surfaces.

Let us at BMW of Visalia replace your car’s tires before they get that short.

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