The 2020 BMW 5 Series is an automotive piece of art that's crafted to perfection from the ground-up. This luxury sedan has an astounding appearance that's sleek and sexy. Its interior cabin hosts some of the most luxurious materials. Here's a further breakdown of what consumers will receive.

The 2020 BMW 5 Series will deliver an enormous amount of horsepower that will range from 248 to 523 ponies. Maximum pound-feet of torque is measured at 553. High-strength materials are what makes up the framework for a solid and sturdy ride. With the push of a single button, the driver can match his or her driving environment. There's an Eco mode, Sport mode and Comfort mode to choose from. The new BMW 5 Series also has built-in navigation that's accurate in detail, and there's a huge infotainment screen that's located in the center dash.

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