At BMW of Visalia, we want you to be educated about how your vehicle functions. Because we know that understanding concepts like what a gasket does will help you comprehend the importance of vehicle maintenance.

What Is A Gasket?

A gasket is a flat mechanical seal that forms a bond between two surfaces that is impenetrable. Without gaskets, our vehicles would not hold any fluids.

What Is A Gasket Made Out Of?

Commonly made from multi-layered steel, copper, and rubber, gaskets deteriorate over time.

Save Gaskets By Maintaining Your Vehicle

To preserve the life of your gaskets and prevent a dangerous driving situation it is important that you maintain your vehicle on time, with the right fluids, at the right fluid levels.

Service Your Vehicle at Acura of Reno

For any and all of your vehicle servicing needs, come and visit us at BMW of Visalia in Visalia, CA.

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