It's often required by your warranty to keep your tires rotated if you want to keep your tires covered. Aside from warranties though, tire rotation is an important part of keeping your vehicle running safely.

Many times, the intervals when you should have your tires rotated will correlate with the times you should have your oil changed. The rotation means to change the position of each tire on your vehicle. This will assure that the tread wear on your tires is spread out evenly on all four tires. This is a very important element of vehicle care and will maximize the tread life of your tires.

By keeping the tread wear even on all four of your tires uniform, your vehicle will handle safer and have better traction. This can not only improve your vehicle's ability to handle corners, but it can improve your braking as well. Maintain your vehicle's safety by scheduling your vehicle an appointment to have your tires rotated at BMW of Visalia.



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