A strange economy can put a strain on a car’s fuel system. Though people must budget for things like fuel, engine service, and tires for weather conditions, one driver behavior can cause problems with fuel systems.

Most modern vehicles have a certain variety of electronic fuel pumps. These incredible devices help cars start strongly in cold weather, and contribute to efforts of fuel efficiency. However, one problem can arise with these devices. If you are one of those people who only put enough gas in the tank to get around instead of filling up completely, you are putting your electronic fuel pump under a great amount of stress. A continually low fuel tank causes a fuel pump to work harder. Over time, this causes slow cold weather starts, uneven fuel line flows, inaccurate fuel gauge readings, and fuel pump failure.

Saving money at the pump could result in large costs replacing fuel pumps. If you need a fuel pump diagnosis in Visalia, CA, a trip to our auto parts and repair facility at BMW of Visalia could prevent large future repair costs to your car’s fuel system. There’s nothing wrong with budgeting at the gas station, but be sure to weigh the potential costs of operating on a constantly near-empty tank.

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