BMW M Series Engine Maintenance is Key

Chances are you regularly get oil changes for your BMW. But, oil changes are even more important when you drive a vehicle with higher performance. Vehicles such as those in the BMW M Series need to be on a regular maintenance schedule to keep engine performance at a the highest levels.

The M Series vehicles have high-performance engines that endure much higher levels of stress than the regular car engines. They need to be treated and maintained more frequently than other engines to ensure that the engine is clear of contaminates and well lubricated.

A great way to maintain your M Series engine is through intermediate oil changes.


  • What are intermediate oil changes? These are oil changes made in between suggested oil change mileage.
  • Why do I need intermediate oil changes? They keep your high-performance BMW engine working at peak capacity.
  • What oil does my BMW use? BMW vehicles use BMW specific motor oil or a BMW recommended oil.
  • Use a Service Center with BMW-trained technicians? BMW-trained technicians have the tools, technology and expertise, and BMW original parts to keep your vehicle in top performing shape.

If you need to schedule your intermediate oil change at our service center in Visalia, CA and our specialists will get your BMW professionally serviced.

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