To Buy or Lease Your Next BMW – What You Need to Know

It’s hard not to be enticed by the winning blend of luxury, performance, and technology available in our BMW models. But if you’ve been crunching the numbers and wondering if you can fit one into your budget, the question of buying versus leasing has probably occurred to you. Depending on what kind of driver you are, your needs, and your habits, we can give you insight into which would be the best fit.

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Enjoy an Uncompromising Ride with the 2017 BMW X5


What do we here at BMW of Visalia appreciate about the 2017 X5, our beloved Bavarian brand's midsize luxury crossover?


Well, to be totally transparent here ... practically everything. It seems to us that BMW pulled out all the stops in building this one.


And if you're at all wondering what we mean, we suggest you scope the clip below. Here now to enumerate some of the X5's most salient qualities is carwow reviewer Mat Watson:

Scale the X5 trim totem pole to its summit and it is there you'll be met by the feature-rich xDrive50i.



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BMW M Series Engine Maintenance is Key

Maintain your M Series engine with intermediate oil changes.


  • What are intermediate oil changes? These are oil changes made in between suggested oil change mileage.
  • Why do I need intermediate oil changes? They keep your high-performance BMW engine working at peak capacity.
  • What oil does my BMW use? BMW vehicles use BMW specific motor oil or a BMW recommended oil.
  • Use a Service Center with BMW-trained technicians? BMW-trained technicians have the tools, technology and expertise, and BMW original parts to keep your vehicle in top performing shape.
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